my boyfriend couldnt get an erection

so we've been dating for a while and we really like each other,our relationship is great and everything is going well.we're both virgins and last night we wanted to have wasn't something we planned we just bought condoms and went with it.we kinda rushed into it and expected it would be easy but it wasn't.first he had a problem putting on the condom and when he actually managed to put it on his penis wasn't hard anymore.when he finally succeeded to put it on and everything ,we had troubles putting it in.the place was terrible and we rushed it,thinking it would be the end we didnt have sex and it was kind of a mood killer,we talked about it but we still werent really happy.later that night,maybe two hours from then we met again and decided to try again.but this time he couldn't even get it up.normally he gets hard if i barely touch him but that wasnt the scenario last now the main problem is that his ego has completely fallen and he is worried that this will happen the next time we try to have sex.and i talked to him nicely,told him it wasnt a big deal and that this kind of a 'failure' is often for first timers.we agreed that we should do it with no hurry and totally relaxed,but he's scared this will happen again and keeps thinking about 'failing'.so my question really is,how can i make him more relaxed and what should i say to make the situation can we get the 'failure' out of his head?

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Arabella I think the best thing you can do is put it out of YOUR mind. Don't try to tell him "don't worry you'll do better, it happens to everybody" etc unless he asks. Just don't bring it up for now. After things go better a few times maybe the two of you will joke about it but for now, don't remind him even by trying to be supportive. Just act like it didn't happen, unless he brings it up in which case tell him oh, no big deal, I had forgotten about that.

hi Arabella..the hardness of a boy depends mostly on his mood and other physical reasons.Make him with his mood ny your wen way..if it fails ask him to try some original herbal oils available in oriental countries If massaged for some specic duration it may work nice and you will be proud at his stuff getting hard.

Hi sweetie, first of all, congrats on having found someone you want to experience that intimacy with! Well, getting it up can be an issue, it's normal, it's natural that it just doesn't work sometimes. Men tend to get frustrated, he probably practiced at home to get a hard on for you already but gets super nervous around you because he doesn't want to disappoint you. The best thing you can do is try to not make it an issue, just dont make sex a big milestone that you have to achieve right now in this week. Take your time together, have a nice evening watching a movie or something and if you start making out and have everything be extremly comfortable without any strings attached (meaning sex being the goal). Just take it very slow, do foreplay, men need some foreplay too and enjoy it. Don't do anything you don't want to do. I'm just saying that men are humans with emotions too that enjoy carressing and being touched sensually. Try a massage or something. There are many ways to try, most importantly though, just make him feel comfortable with you. Don't talk about the issue but try to face it on the down low and in the end it's gonna be fine. And with the condom, you'll get the hang of putting it on quickly after a bit of practise. Don't worry hun you still have your whole life ahead of you.?

xoxo K

The issue may be due to psychological or physiological reasons .Foreplay of course is important as Lathineeyesuponit said but it may not fetch result in all cases .Though we learnt that most of the men are very much attracted and aroused by the sight and thouch of the boobs and butts and the down there give the finishing touch..The oral under higenic condition is also good.
@Arabella if his hardness do not happen after trying all the? suggestions given by the members here , try the? herbal things whch are safe and effective as told by some of my friends . Please note it is only? a suggestion and? I need not make somebody to experiment as mentioned by somebdy here ..this is the choice of the person.


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