Dating but were never together...Do I have a right to be mad?

So long story short, I met a guy while on a 4 day vacation in a city 3 hours from me. We hit it off so well during that time and after Ieft we both kept in touch, and he eventualyl came to see me and it was the most amazing time. The main problem from the beginning was that both our lives were kind of in a moment of transition (changing things in our lives for the better). So we kept in touch I went to him, he came to me. This seemed a bit tough but I was falling for him so I was willing to do it, especially since HE was the initiator. Took me to a family wedding, I met his mom, his friends, I was still on my guard but he would always message me in the morning and call me and I started doing the same!! He was so present emotinally I thought wow this is a sign of him commiting (not in a relationship but maybe for a future one) Although at the same time, I could tell it was hard...Especially since I had to have surgery that set me back a month so we didn't see each other. He was super supportive but never came to see me (he said he had work and I understood that completely, he's a small business owner and it was a crucial time for him).?

--?Heres the thing though. I healed from surgery and we had a facetime date where we spoke for hours and it was amazing, he was saying how he likes the way I make him feel and that he couldn't wait to see me, and we even had cyber sex and then I was suppose to see him 3 days after that. 2 days later, I give him a call to confirm that I'm coming and he does not pick up. He ignores me for a whole week, no phone calls returned or texts, basically ghosted me...until I finally had to say heyyy whats going on you can't just let me sit here wondering wtf happened. So he calls me and then ends things. I am of course upset and want to see him face to face to discuss things because I don't understand how we went from that facetime date and talking for hours to where we were at. He denies me coming to see him says its a bad idea and that we would only give in to each other, after a bit more pressure from my end he confesses he met someone. He says he wants to stay friends and wants to thing is, I was going to ask him what he wanted and have "the talk" when I wanted to go see him before he dumped me, and I just feel like I deserved better. He says he doesn't owe me anything because we were never together, I understand part of that but he tells me he wants to see more of me, makes this huge effort in keeping in touch and seeing each other (so did I), before dumping me we have an amazing talk and then he just completely ignores me, and then says I met someone. I get it, we win some we lose some, and I'm one of those people who understands that sometimes the other just doesn't feel the same way, but damn did he have to do me like that? Especially when its someone you cared about and respected! I was there for him during that hard time and yet he just threw me away like a plastic bag. He said he wanted to be friends, and that maybe in the future who knew, and that I shouldn't worry, I was going to find and he proceeded to text me every now and then on christmas but i would only answer to be polite and not petty but then I couldn't do it anymore, he litereally just dumped me and wanted us to be best friends right away, but now I have been responding to him because I miss talking to him but I'm having a hard time not feeling hurt or feeling like I'm weak for texting him because he though so little of me when he ended things

I'm just CONFUSED. A part of me wants to be friends because well if it wasn't meant to be then thats it, but at least we could be cool enough to be not awkward if we ran into each other. Maybe someone can see where I'm coming from and put things in perspective for me. I just want to not feel crummy (i get a knot in my stomach thinking about himt) anymore about someone who hurt me. So am I wrong to be upset about him ending things the way he did or am I just being overdratmatic even though we only dated for three months as he might he think.?

Touch love is welcome if you think I need it.

Thanks :)



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