Fiancee's mom wants to move in

I just don't get why my fiancee want her mom to live with us after our wedding. She and I have been staying in our apartment for about two years now. So far, we've established a good routine and chemistry inside the house. If we add in her mom to the mix, I'm afraid she might shake this balance. It kind of pieces me off how of all time my fiancee wants her to move in, she chose after the wedding. Isn't that supposed to be our honeymoon period? How do I tell her that I don't want her mom with us? At least not after our first year.?You see her family's used to this kind of thing since they're kind of a tight family. Her mom's from Cebu who met her dad in some asian date tour. Her parents got married and lived here in Chicago since then. Two of her mom's siblings migrated here too and lived with them for a while. Basically, living with extended family members is a walk in the park for her. But it's not for me. I need help to survive this fiasco. Someone save me. ?


I get your frustration, especially if you are happy with the routine you have already established.
But if you are getting married her family is kind of part of the deal. I would sit her down and explain to her how you feel and ask if there is some other solution you can come up with. I don't know how your living space is set up but who knows you might not be as bad you think. But find time to sit with her and tell her how you picture your lives coming together and figure out how you can do that with her mom (or without) even if its giving you guys a year or whatever. Do keep in mind though that close knit families are just that, and you can't make her not want to be there for her family.

Good luck!?


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