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So I just moved away from my hometown, for the first time, with my boyfriend. He couldn't live there anymore due to his job being located in his small hometown, and in order to save up some money he asked me to move into his parents house with him, and I said yes. I've been here for about 3 weeks and I miss everything about living in my hometown. My friends, my job i loved and had been at for 5 years, and my parents. I haven't found a job yet, which is making it worse. I love my boyfriend, but is it normal to sometimes regret my decision??

Well that seems like a huge decision and I imagine it would be really difficult and stressful. I have not been in that situation but I have imagined it because my BF is working in a good career job and I am still in school. He isn't talking about moving right now but it would be possible that he'd want to move either about the time I am out of college or shortly after when his job is a lot further along than my job. Which, financially it probably always will be anyway due to the type of work we both do (he is a computer engineer I am majoring in public relations). When I imagine that situation, it would really make you depend on the other person to begin with because you might have few if any friends in the new place, especially if you don't have a job yet so you aren't meeting people on your own through work. I would really miss my friends a lot, hopefully they would visit or I could visit them. Also I would miss my parents a lot which may sound funny, but we are close. I would even miss my stupid brother. Anyway I think it's completely natural to wonder about this type of thing or have second thoughts because it's really a major life decision, I mean, literally everything about your life is different, so IMO it really depends on the relationship itself and the guy, if they are good then I guess it will work out in the long run. Good luck!!

P.S. I wouldn't officially move in with my BF unless we got engaged because I know how much grief I'd get from my parents if I did. (Unofficially I spend the night at his apartment a lot.) Every situation is different though.

Well we've lived together for about a year and a half in my hometown but our lease ran out and his job opportunity popped up at the same time. So I'm familiar and comfortable living with him. I just really miss my parents and my friends. It's an easy drive to go visit but I miss being close, or when he's at work being able to hang out with my friends. I'm happy being with him but I'm not happy being away from everything else. It doesn't really help that my boyfriend never wants to visit my parents ?with me and he doesn't really like my friends.?

Does he have the type of job where he can work in a lot of places and it's just a matter of time before a job he likes opens up in your home town or is it the type of job where you kind of need to move around to wherever the job is because they aren't very common? If it's the first kind, I think I would just start telling him often that I want him to find a job back home because you miss your family and friends and see what he says. I wouldn't say it just one time I would say it enough to know he appreciates it's a big deal. Meantime I guess I would look for some kind of activity to allow me to make friends in the new place, I doubt you can replace your old friends but at least it would give you someone to talk to where you live, other than your BF. How far is it to your hometown? If it's close enough to go and come back the same day maybe you could do that more often even without him. Personally I wouldn't want to leave him alone in the other town for several days in a row so I wouldn't visit my parents for days without him, just for like one day at a time. Anyway please be aware you are getting advice from someone who has less experience in this than you do lol, it's just my opinion from thinking about it not from experiencing it. Hmm also, maybe you just need to give the new town a chance and you'll like things about it?? Good luck!!


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