Are we dating, or just friends?

I met this guy "B" in August 2017 on an app, we eventually decided to meet in person. We hung out a few times, where we kissed and things got a bit hot and heavy, but we didn't hook up. The week after I asked via text if we were dating, and he said that we weren't dating that we were more like friends who liked each other. Long story short we met up to talk in person what we were both looking for and we agreed that we both liked each other but that it was too soon to start dating seriously, so we decided to just be friends but hook up..... But thats the thing we text daily but we haven't hung out in person for a couple of months, we still need to give each other the other half of the xmas gift. My question is how do I handle this confusing situation? He quickly became my best friend, and I am attracted to him, but I don't know how to make this friendship something more, or how do I get him to hang out with me? ?

Well to give the short answer, u are not dating :/

You are, I guess some type of fwb, and from the people I've talked with and what I have seen, my opinion is that in fwb, there is always one person who wants to date (they may not admit it and sometimes might not admit it to themselves even) and one person who does not want to date.

I am just not a fan of fwb I have to say. So my opinion may be biased by that. But if you are the first person (the one who wants to date) and I think you are, my advice is to realize it's probably not going to happen and move on. If you are the second perso (the one who does not want to date) although I don't think you are, my advice is to realize you're being unfair to the other person even if they haven't complained, you know at some level that you have leverage over them.

JMO good luck!!


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