How to help depressed sibling?

My brother has been experiencing signs of depression and anxiety attacks since his last breakup over a couple of years ago. His ex-girlfriend cheated on him with another man and since then, he's rejected anything related to dating. But even after all this time, he's still in this sorry state. I'm starting to think that his depression is stemming from the fact that he's lonely both sexually and emotionally. Most of us already have long term relationships and other members of the family are already married. He's practically the only one single within our family circle. We all want him to start dating again and find a woman who can be there for him whenever he feels down. Someone who can truly love him but the problem is that he's given up on trying to meet new people. Me and my elder brother have signed him up on multiple dating sites and now, we're planning to sign him up for an international dating tour so he can both take a breather and travel around while meeting women. Do you think this is a good idea? We need some insights before deciding anything. Thanks so much.?

Make sure to always be there for your brother no matter what. Offer him support and your companionship. Encourage him to try new things with you or your whole family. Never make him feel as if he is alone. Talk to him and introduce your girl friends or acquaintances to him.?

I have been heartbroken before and I have been where he was in that state too. I thought no one else would love me and I realize as time goes along, I learned how to be happy with myself.

Well I was about to say, I'd give him space and just be there if he needs you, but then I saw this part "we're planning to sign him up for an international dating tour"

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At the moment , I am trying to seek therapist. As far as I'm concerned as a sibling, I want to make sure he's mentally okay. Also, I'm planning to look for a nice place for us to talk to. Maybe going for a tour or somewhere. He told me he wanted to try to explore... Why not? Maybe he can find someone more deserving.

Well on the off chance that you are a real person. This board isn't moderated anymore and because of that, a spammer has posted all day every day about "romance tours" with a service called "A Foreign Affair." It's KIND OF a coincidence that you brought up romance tours in your first post here. However the spammer never replies to the spam threads so maybe you got here because you googled romance tour and the spam made this show up in your search results??

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Anyway trying to give real advice "just in case." If he was really acting depressed and I thought his dating life was the main reason, I would try to fix him up with a friend of a friend or something like that, or just hang out with him some and show I care. If he was single but didn't actually seem depressed, like he was passing classes or he had a job and was functioning, I would mostly butt out. JMO!!


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