My girlfriend is pregnant and has turned pure evil...seriously

Short background. Im 28 now and was in a meaningless relationship form 21-26. My ex was a cheating lying drama filled women that always played the victim roll. A yr and a half after leaving her i met the woman im currently with and it was literally love at 1st sight lbs. Everyday we grew closer and closer and was so similar that we was inseparable! Our entire lives we've lived in different areas in our state and we always lived within 2 or 3 blocks of each other but nvr met. Even my ex gf was cheating on me with her bf back in 2011 we both knew who are ex's were cheating with but we nvr met talked or seen each other. Anyway 4 months later are connection grew and we exchange i love yous and made it official. All the horrible messed up stuff her and my exs did us i promised her and myself i would nvr do to her cus i love her and valued her trust and nvr wanted to jepordize what we had.we made plans on starting family a business and a future. 6months later i was arrested but only spent 24hrs locked up then bailed out. It hurt her so bad when that happen she was a nervous wreck so i took almost a wk off just to ease her mind and give her the attention she needed fast forward to december she starts complaing about her not feeling good and breast being sore and her attitude slowly changed, then she falls super sick and stayed home majority of the time to nurse her back to health but. I ended up falling ill xmas eve and she returned the favor.partly...while i was sick i couldnt leave out the hse and ended up loosing my job. The past few yrs was really bad for me and i fell helpless n depressed but only for about a week then returned to normal. But during the month of Jan she got worse n worse by the day becoming violent and overly aggressive towards any and everyone. Especially the ppl closest to her. The day before my birthday she put me out.(she moved me in with her and her family after the arrest) the nxt day she starts an argument a d tells me shes pregnant. I was happy about the news but because of the situation we was it was more worry and concern about our current situation...its alot of things thats happened but long story short. Shes tring to isolate herself from the world n especially me. She purposely says things to ppl and starts fights that leave her family n friends either not talking to her wanting to fight or leave her and everyones worried about her because no one but me and a small part of our families knows whats goin on. As far as me ive been nothing but nice and supportive about anything goin on with her especially now. But she hates me to death now and she wont give me a solid convo or answer. One day she wants me dead or just to vanish. Or she'll say i got an abortion or that im not the dad the nxt im am the dad, its stressfull n messy. Her mother told me she sorry for her daughter behavior and pls be patient with her and not to worry because i am the dad. She says she goin crazy worried about money where we going to live if shes goin to miscarry if im going to hurt her or leave her or turn my. Back on her but thats whats shes doin to me now and i just want to be the best Man and father to her and our unborn. I cant understand y she thinks of me and treats me of all ppl like this when i have nothing but love and respect for this women. I just need help understanding why?

Hi I don't really have direct experience with a lot of these issues, I am 20 and have never been pregnant but, just making guesses. What were you arrested for? Do you have anything now on your record that will make it hard to start a career or business? With her being pregnant, that might be the main thing, wondering about stability, maturity level and whether the same problems will happen again. It sounds like you really? love her, which is great but her perspectie might be "if he loved me, he'd get his act straight." JMO good luck!! Maybe somebody who knows more about this type of thing than me will reply!!

Its actually a very long story. But i was arrested for a mistaken identity and is being charged for a cple of felonies. Wrong place wrong time thing. My lawyer says the case is beatable cus of what the police report says and what im being charged with also the fact that their is numerous officers on report but no audio or video. But we both have backgrounds but that doesn't stop you from being successful. We both want to start businesses and is working on that now. I was only locked up about 30 hrs before bailing out. But since that day she says that was the worst pain shes felt since her closet family member past yrs ago. I could see the pain was real i promised myself and her i would nvr leave or hurt her. But once the symptoms started shes convinced im going to leave her and hurt and shes becomes so mean that thats what i feel she doin with me... But her anger is at every single person no ones excluded. You may be right with what you said but im hoping its just hormones cus this is getting really messy n toxic


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