shy guy

Okay, so there's this guy his name is Wyatt. I've liked him for going on six months now. He just admitted to me two weeks ago that he's had feeling for me for a while as well. He had no problem talking to me before but now he just kinda closed off. He's so sweet over text but he physically can not have a conversation with me in person. It's honestly really sad. He says it's because he thinks he's going to say something dumb and his face will get all red but I think It's cute. Everone tells me to make him comfortable but I've been trying and he's still not comfortable. Any advice??

R you studing together??? can you see? him in university or school? If yes you can do that next step. He`s affraid and it`s ok. But if you want your relation to develop do tah next step. And if you need some other advice you can find some good stuff here:? .?


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