How to surprise my foreign girlfriend...?

I am a man of word. If I have plans for someone, I'll really do it. And I want to make it perfectly. I want the receiver to be happy and be satisfied. This is the same thing I'll definitely do to my girlfriend. My girlfriend doesn't know I'll be visiting her next month.

She is Gwendolyn and she is from the Philippines. It was AFA who made a way to cross our paths. Gwendolyn joined the singles tour AFA held in Cebu, which I participated. It was a night to remember. I was stunned by her presence. She is such a beautiful woman. The way she talked resembled an ideal woman to date and to marry.
??Now, I'm here to ask what could be the best gift to give her? Will it surprise her? My presence would be enough (just kidding) but I still want to surprise her with something elegant and worth it. Can you suggest some ideas? What's the best thing a woman from the Philippines should and like to receive? Please leave your comments below. ????

"It was AFA who made a way to cross our paths."

Isn't it always???

You aren't going to believe this but dozens of guys have registered on forums to talk about "A Foreign Affair" in one post and then never come back!! Or in one case keep forgetting to log out so HoneyLuv has been like 10 different guys/girls talking about how great "A Foreign Affair" is, for some reason on a board that gets almost no visits and is intended for use by girls and young women who are very unlikely to go on "romance tours" to meet women! It's amazing when you think about it!!


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