I'm shy around my girlfriend's friends. Help!

My girlfriend and I have been together for 5 months now. We both got together through an international dating event which means that our relationship is interracial. She's never really had a real family growing up so she's very close with her only group of friends.

They do everything together just like a normal family would and it's unavoidable that I'd start to eventually join their circle more often. The thing is, I'm really shy around them because one, I feel out of place, and two, they're overprotective of my gf. How do I get them to start liking me and feel comfortable around me?

Well I would say considering that this is all imaginary so you can write spam, you can just decide everything is good and it will be! And then tomorrow you can post under another name about how great everything is via "A Foreign Affair" or if you prefer "an international dating event" to try to be more subtle! But HoneyLuv is the real expert on this PM him/her, good luck!!


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