How to contact this lady I met abroad

I just got back from the Philippines and I met this lovely lady there. A friend of mine was there for an international romance tour, so I tagged along to see the sights and stuff. While I was there, I met one of the tour organizers in the hotel that we were staying in. After my friend's event, we spent some time together while we went around the city.

Unfortunately, like an idiot, I totally forgot to ask for her contact information online so that we could continue communicating. Should i contact the organizers of the tour or should visit the country again on my own? Or would that come off as too creepy? I'd really like to talk to this woman again. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions that would be great. thanks!

I would start with a PM to HoneyLuv, he or she goes on these tours (let me guess A Foreign Affair??) like pretty much every day and might even be the lovely lady from the Philippines, I think that was one of HoneyLuv's identities once!!

Agree with the previous answer. I met one lovely gal from Ukraine at a few weeks ago. We had been trying to communicate almost every day before I visited her in Kiev. Also I sent her little presents from time to time. Now we live together.

I'm sure that most people know this, but I think it's important enough to say it anyway.? Do NOT follow any of the shady looking links that you see in people's posts.? If it doesn't appear legitimate, such as the one in the post above, do not follow it.? Far too many people are posting these sort of links.


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