I don't know what to do..

So, I've been dating this guy for about 4 months now. I had a bestfriend who i was close with, and he just happned to be a guy. My boyfriend(we'll call him Pear) got a little protective and i realised all the things my bestfriend had been doing. I completely cut off our friendship, thinking it would make things better. It did....for a while atleast. Then the bestfriend, who we'll call...Orange.....started dating my friend.....Ginger. Ginger(not her real name) and I are very close, and no matter how many times i tell her he just isn't a good guy to be with, she ignores me along with som of friends telling her the same. Orange and i soon became friends again but, never talked as much. Now to my problem...2 days ago Orange messages me about a Snap i posted on my story. Later that night, while im at a church over night thing, he messages me a question. He asked "Are things awkward between us?" and goes on to say more about how thing just don't feel the same as before. I say "Idk..". We go on to talk about it more until he sends me this, word for word,:? "I dont know how to talk to you anymore because of Pear and the whole thing.. I messed up ik.. god idk anymore i dont want to bring pear or start fighting with you cuz i dont want things getting worse...im so sorry." I wasn't expecting that... i told him he wouldnt start any fights and he tells me this: "Go ahead and tell pear idc anymore i had a crush on you for the longest time prob was before Pear and i really thought we had something going but it doesnt matter now cuz we're both r dating someone so why am i rambling about thi im sorry." We talked a little more and i soon found out he still liked me....this made me think about some things. The next day he told me to forget everything and that he hadnt meant anything but, i think he just told me that just so the drama wouldnt come into this. Im super happy with Pear but....Orange seems to really have changed. I kind of feel like i have feelings for Orange.....but i kind of don't want to because we're both dating someone. I have no idea what to do! And if you're still reading this, thank you!

From what you wrote, I'd say your best option is to stay in your current relationship, since you said you're still super happy with it. Maybe Orange has changed, but it's rare for people to suddenly change. He might be just telling you what you want to hear now, but later down the road you might find out that he is still his old stuff. Also, since he is also already dating someone, that makes things quite difficult. It seems like you are already in a nice relationship. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you all the best! :)


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