Why is he trying to hurt me?

So basically long story short. November 2016 I met an older guy( only 5 years but first trims I ever got involve with someone older) he said all the right things and I fell in love with him. I then find out after we've been sleeping together that he doesn't actually want a relationship because he will be working away soon ( he still says this now yet never has). I should of walked away then but nope I had already fell so I kept going back. I would try moving on then one month later he would be back begging for me to see him and when I did he would tell me how much he likes me that it hurts not seeing me bla bla. This has been going on for over a year. I fell out with my bestfriend (she was more of a fake friend behind my back anyway) because I found out she slept with him. The whole time I've known him he's never been personally nasty to me, he just leads me on and drops my feelings but he's never gone out of his way to hurt me but recently he is? I've been trying to stay away from him and last week I receive a snapchat from him laying in bed naked with an old friend of mine
, why would he go out his way to send me that? And then earlier today his friend sends me a video of him looking angry saying 'I've fucked all your friends and I'll do it again' I can't understand why he is being so nasty when him and all his friends know how much I love him. My mym thinks it's because he knows I'm trying to move on. But he's never been so mean before. I just love him so much but I hate him at the same time because I see him in a different light now he's being like this and I wish I could see him as how he was before. He also tells everyone that he doesn't have any feelings for me, so why are you purposely trying to hurt someone you don't care about? ?K just wish he was nice to me like he used to be. Any advice??

Hi Sparkles!
First I want to say that, that man just might still be in love or like with you. Guys have a different way of expressing these things. The extent he has gone to try and hurt your feelings is absolutely crazy. He must be some what jealous of the fact that you are not showing that much emotions to his tactics. It is clear that he does not care about you or your feelings at all because he constantly do nasty things. He could be fighting with his own demons. My advise to you is to continue to stay away from him. Lose contact with him. Let your friends and/or his friends know that you want and have absolutely nothing to do with him. He will not have any way to hurt you if you are not making yourself available go his mistreatments. I know it might be easier said than done, but it is so important to know that you are worth much more than what he is offering. Keep pressing forward Queen. 😘

I agree you should move on. The whole point of dating some is to be happy if all they do is hurt you then there's no point in holding on.
It will hurt a lot it's not easy to move on, but in the long run you'll be glad you did.


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