I am in so much need of help with this women.

This women used to "unintentionally" sit on my lap. I guess she thought i was cute when i tried to make moves on her, which were very weak. On the first day i met her she gave me a ride home, and i gave her a hug, which i attempted (at 14 mind you) to make sexual, by hugging her a bit longer then needed. She returned the favor by squeezing me and pulling me suddenly, and then let go and smiled. I left and we talked a lot after that, i was friends with her nephews and she was with the people i lived with. She would force me to sit on the couch and would ask if it was ok to sit on my lap, she has a big butt, i would squek something out and she would start rubbing her butt on me. She did this a lot, which made me feel weird. Anyway, I'm super addicted to her. I got into contact with her like two weeks ago without saying anything sexual, and she drove all over the highway looking for me, couldn't find me. She told me this and then blocked me. For no apparent reason. This infuriated me sexually because i know that since I'm 25 now she was going to let me have sex with her. But she blocked me i don't know what to do. Its been like eleven years of me thinking about her and i haven't talked to her since i was 15. So if you could help figure my problem out i would appreciate it

Well I haven't been in her situation, or your situation for that matter. But reading what you said, my guess is that either she feels like she was too flirty with you when you were a minor and feels guilty about it and wants it to go away for that reason, or she thinks you misunderstood things and were too flirty with her and she wants you to go away for that reason. I think you should move on, this does not sound like a healthy situation regardless, plus she blocked you so it seems that she does not want to continue down this path. JMO and I'm always aware it's easy for me to say things here, and I might be wrong. Good luck!!


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