It all started with a Facebook Page

So, I saw this Facebook Page named A Foreign Affair. The interface looked like an online dating site but after browsing through, it's actually a matchmaking service site. They post pictures of women coming from different cities and countries and videos are also present in the page.?While viewing some of the pictures, I observed that these women are so gorgeous. Man, they are so attractive! They have these alluring eyes and tempting lips. I'm yearning for these women already. Now, how should I contact them??I also watched the videos. Just then I realized AFA do singles tours in cities like Nikolaev, Shenzhen, Cartagena, Cebu, etc. By these tours, the possibility of meeting beautiful and single women will happen. Nothing is impossible, that's probably their slogan.?Right after that, I opened the website linked with the FB page. The interface is beautiful and engaging. I want to register and join the singles tour but I'm a little skeptical. What do you think? Should I continue or not?
Thanks for your responses!

I think your second ever post should be to ask all of the other fake usernames spamming about it here.

Then they can all answer and all of your names will have not one but TWO posts in their history.

Except for HoneyLuvs who keeps forgetting to log out and log back in under another name so he's up to like 10 posts, each one with a different identity, Colombian woman one day, American man the next, Filipino woman the next etc.

Meanwhile the people who actually attempt to use this board for actual conversation are like, wow I never realized it but you know what I need, a mail order bride. That will make me the most popular girl in the 10th grade here in Indiana or wherever, my parents can get us bunk beds.

Agree with the previous commenter :)?

I also agree with ShellyB's comment. That last paragraph is quite funny. It is such a ?shame that these boards are filled with so much spam these days :(


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