Looking for a honeymoon destination. How's Cebu?

My fiancee and I are getting married in four months and we're really getting excited as the days goes by. We're almost done with all the preparations for the ceremony so we're working on the honeymoon now.

My girlfriend is half Filipina but she's never been to the Philippines. I've heard about it from a friend of mine who attended a romance singles tour there before, and when he described it to me, it sounded like a pretty great place.

We've been thinking about having our honeymoon in the country. Since her family was originally from Cebu we were thinking maybe it's a good place to honeymoon in. We don't have definite plans. We're still looking through good options. Any suggestions where else we can go?

Philippines isn't the only place we're considering. Although, we do think it'll be a good time for both of us to reconnect with her roots. We were also thinking about Bali, Fiji, and Palau. We want a place with good beaches and good food. We're open to new ideas. We appreciate any response.

I'm just curious was your friend's "romance tour" organized by A Foreign Affair?? They are all the rage on this forum for "some" reason!!

Because it's all fake spam here


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