why do i feel insecure?

Hey im not sure why but i still feel very insecure like if they are just using me, not telling things when something bothering them, if they are being faithful. All in my past guys its all they did to me in the end i was very hurt, it cause me not to trust guys and thinking they are jerks, but later i will who now my boyfriend he showed me everything opposite, i feel like he actually needs me like he will talk to me, he will check up on me, even he will listen to me and cheer me up. I sometimes tend to talk alot and yet he doesnt mind one bit but quite the opposite he doesnt want me to stop talking about everything. He is a loyal person in general. I can see he really does care about me i know he wouldnt dare to hurt me because it will cause him a much bigger pain. He gave me little gifts thats means so much more by heart than any big objects. He makes me really happy yet why do i feel insecure when he showed everything opposite of insecurities.?

It sounds like a normal reaction. The rational part of the brain says all signs look good, this new guy is a keeper. The emotional part of the brain goes more on past experience, and it advises caution.

The feeling of insecurity should subside over time, slowly.

You may be able to speed up that process by acknowledging to yourself what the emotional part of the brain is trying to convey. When it feels it has been heard it feels better.

Meditation may help with general feelings of anxiety or insecurity. Mindfulness Meditation. Or yoga, qi-gong, tai-chi. That's another topic.


maybe so, thank you so much!!!! I'll try that!?


Hey i would like to update you, i dont feel insecure anymore but my boyfriend notice it so i told him, he really calms me down. Honestly i feel alot better.?


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