What is he thinking...?

So I met this guy, his name is Evan, on Tinder. He's pretty cool and we exhanged snapchats pretty quickly. About a month into our friendship/relationship we went out on a date at the mall. My younger cousin tagged along but she mainly did her own thing. He was really sweet and pretty cool. I felt super comfortable with him and he asked me a lot of questions (Idk why but I was so out of it! I couldn't ask him much and I felt so shy. My mind was blank whenever there was a short silence between us).

Anyways, we hung out again a few days later and went on a triple date with my cousins. Again, I had a really good time. He was a little touchier than usual (meaning he would put his arm around me or hug me) but I didn't mind it. I didn't feel uncomfortable and it was cute/sweet to me.?

Anyways, after that day he sort of just dropped off the radar. We talked a little but not that much. I guess I'm just cuious as to what his intentions are! We have a really good time in-person, but over text he's just like gone. We didn't talk much for about a week and a half and then he messaged me if I wanted to hang out with him next Thursday. Idk what to say or do. I feel like defining our relationship is too soon cause we've only known each orhee for a month, but then I also don't want to fall head over herls for him and get my hesrtbkken if he doesn't feel the same way.

Maybe he is nervous and has been agonizing how to approach you for a "real" date?? Inviting you out a week in advance is respectful IMO, like he doesn't assume your schedule is wide open but you might not have made plans next week yet. If you like him personally I'd give it a try why not!! Good luck!!


True! I told him we can hang out after I get out of class, and then I asked him what he wanted to do ut he just left me on seen... Lol. He is coming back from California today though so that might be why, but why would he ask to hang out and then not say anything?else to me...?

I can't quite tell if he's a player and is just really confident, or if he's nervous and hasn't figured out what to say lol. Could be either from what I've read here!! Anyway give it a try if you like him JMO!

I think he likes you.?

This is your chance to learn mormore about him.

Spend some time with him. See if you like him.

Risk a heartbreak. If you don't risk it then it will never be broken but you will always be alone.

Best wishes!

Thanks guys! I honestly feel like he might just be trying to play me!! Cause we didn't hang out even though I asked him if he wanted to hang out still that day. He totally just ignored me and snapped me about random stuff. We haven't had a full conversation since our last date and our only "communication" is the occasional random snapchat that doesn't relate to either of us.?

I'm just really bummed out because I felt like we had a good connection and he was sooo sweet :/


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