Sent my gf a surprise but she?s moving. HELP!

I'm having a huge problem right now guys. A few months ago, I pre-ordered a package to be delivered to my girlfriend overseas in Thailand. We met each other through a romance tour service more than a year ago and I've been planning this surprise since then.?

After we got together in a relationship, I bought her this awesome statue of a pink elephant which she's been wanting since she was little. I was able to find one online with a very intricate design attached with some precious jewels.?

Since the statue was a bit expensive for my budget, I reserved and pre-ordered it until I was able to pay everything off. So, here's my problem now, it's turns out that she's moving to another apartment in a couple of days and the package might arrive a few days afterwards.?

The timing could not have been more inappropriate! What do I do guys?? She doesn't know yet where she's moving to exactly since she's still deciding which apartment to choose from so, I'm like a sitting duck here. Guys I really need some advice! I need help! What should I do??

Tell her that you're mailing her a gift. You don't need to say more (after all it's a gift!).

I'm not familar with postal service in Thailand, but would imagine that she can either insert a 'forward mail' request once she decides on a new place (where mail is re-routed) OR you can probably request the package delivery to be changed to the new address (if it's at all like US's UPS or FedEx, etc... which they must have a way of doing it, even if it then is delayed for reroutes).

Other option would be, if she knows it's coming, she can ask a neighbor to pick up the mail, or tell the landlord and request it to be held.

Being valuable, if it requires a signature, she likewise can make arrangements if she at least knows its coming. Not telling her will only be way more stressful for you (and potentially for her, if you say "oh it's been delivered!" and she is unaware, and unable, to pick a package, making it prime for someone to steal).

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