Didn't like her hometown. Should I try going back?

I'm facing a big problem right now. My girlfriend wants me to visit but I'm having a hard time telling her that I'm not comfortable going to her hometown. I went there the first time when I attended a romance tour and I met her there. It would have been a good memory if only i enjoyed the place. The tour itself was outstanding. I just didn't like the place.

I'm used to the fast life in the city. Her hometown is more of a vacation place; ocean, trail park, etc. I prefer seeing skyscrapers and buildings. Nature parks are not just for me. Now, she want me to go back so we can meet again in person. I have no problem with traveling but I would prefer if we met somewhere else. It's not a bad idea, right?

I was even thinking of asking her to visit me instead. If she did, this will be her first time travelling abroad. It would be an exciting experience for her. Should I go on with my suggestion? What if she takes it the wrong way? What if she won't agree.

My friends are telling me to give her place another try. They say I might actually enjoy it during another season, probably summer. When she asked me to visit she said we'd go surfing and swimming. It wouldn't be a bad idea to go in the summer if that's what we're doing. So, should I try to visit for the second time? Is it worth the try?


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