I think we're moving too fast. Should I tell her?

I met my current girlfriend on LoveMe six months ago. We got along just fine and to my surprise I found myself falling for her. In hindsight, it shouldn't have been a surprise since she's very amazing and talented and smart.

I told her I like her, and she said she likes me too. It felt so great knowing that the person I like feels the same way. I was on cloud nine for a month or so then I started realizing that we might have dated so soon.

I know some people date a week after dating or something of that sense but it got me thinking how little we know of each other. It's nice to learn something about her everyday but sometimes I feel bad about the little things that I have no clue about. What if we're not actually compatible? What if what I expect in a relationship isn't the same as hers? After all, we both grew up in different cultures.

I really feel like we're moving too fast. Six months together? That's too soon, right? She's already thinking about one of us visiting. Is she really into me or she's just doing this for fun? I'm a bit guarded because of my previous relationships. I want to take my next relationships with a little bit of caution this time. Is there someone who can give me a good advice for my situation?

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