Is long distance worth it?

I've been in many relationships in the past but most of them ended pretty badly. I'm honestly running out of options and I'm not getting any younger. Each day goes by where I think to myself if I should be starting a family already but I no longer have it in me to get back into the dating phase. I doubt that I can find someone who I can settle down with.?

These past few years, I've invested my time and effort into my career and now my family has been asking questions about me when I'm going to find a girlfriend. They've suggested some methods of dating such as romance tours and online dating but I have yet to personally try them out.?

I've signed up with an international online dating called LoveMe, and I was able to be match with a few women abroad. Before I move further, I would like to ask for some insight if long distance relationships are worth it? I've heard that most don't usually work out but many who have tried online dating were able to find the love of their lives.?

I'm eager to get back into dating through this but I have never actually tried long distance before. Any opinions or personal views will greatly help me out. Please guys, I need your help on this. Thank you in advance for your response.

I have been in a long distance relationship for the last 2 years. It is particularly diffcult because i can only see him may be twice a year and that too for two weeks as we lve continets apart. What started as something simple it has now turned quite serious. Initially not seeing him that often did not matter that much but now it seems much more difficult.? do not know how to handle this. He has just started trying to move here. He is trying to move to UK and we all now how hard getting a visa for UK (he is asian) is. he is even considering getting a student visa initially and then take it from there. I feel bad that he has to not only leave his country, frieds and family for me but also has to take a two year break in his career. I feel really guilty and frustrated for everything


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