My crush likes my best friend, so I set them up, and Im so sad about it

All year me and this guy have gotten closer, but i have known that he really liked my best friend, and she was not sure on her feelings. I have become so close him this year with him, and i think we would be so good together and he is so sweet and kind but he is so head over heels for her, and since I friends with both I am the mediator between them, and have to be the supportive friend to talk to them about it and it pains me so much cause nobody knows how I feel. I havet told either of them cause I know it would make it worse and threaten our friendships. It got to the point where they were both liking each other and I was always in the middle, so I set them up together, and now they are trying to date, and I should be happy for them, and they think I am, but im so so sad and hurting so much cause im still, again left alone. I felt that setting them up was the right thing to do to make them both happy but it hurts me so much. What do I do, im hurting so much. please help me and tell me what I should do t stop dwellin on this, and if setting them up what the good thing to do. Pls pls pls pls help, thanks

You can't make people be happy.?

You are a wonderful woman to be so kind!

You are not alone. Just as you keep secret your true feelings and thoughts, so too men do the same. They want you! Especially someone so kind and caring as you!

You can have any man you choose.

Even him if you want.?

You're also in the "friend zone" with him. Research how to get out of the friend zone.

And remember how wonderful you are! So kind and caring of others! That's priceless!


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