Son and Girlfriend Meeting for the First Time. Need advice

I have a fifteen-year old son who's living with me after my divorce with his mother. He goes to her place in a different state during the holidays or over the break. My ex-wife and I have managed to maintain a civil relationship for the sake of our child. They know I'm with someone new now and they've both given me the green light to go ahead and be happy.

Next month, my girlfriend will be visiting for the first time. We met online on LoveMe a year ago and we've established a strong serious relationship so far. That's why we've decided to have her come visit me in my hometown so we could finally meet in person. If I could leave my son with someone trustworthy, I would, but as it stands, we compromised and agreed to have her visit me instead.?

I'm lost on how to prepare for their first meeting. It's not that he doesn't like her because he does. He really does. In fact, they were able to talk for a couple of times over FaceTime and Skype when my girlfriend and I talked. I'm just anxious on what might happen, what my expectations should be, things like that.

I need help from anyone who already has experience with my problem. How did you deal with it? Did you just wing it? Help please. Where do I take them both out? Also, I want to know if it's okay for her to sleep under the same roof us me and my son because that's our original plan. If the living arrangements are weird, should I just book her a hotel? Any advice is appreciated.


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