What?s his deal?

Okay so I recently reconnected with an old friend from school. We had gone on a date way back in the day but it never really turned into anything. He said he thought of me as a sister and we became good friends instead. ?Flash forward to now and we have reconnected and hang out every few weeks to catch up and we text often. He mentioned one time over text that he wished he would have banged me back in the day. I just kind of laughed him off and said yeah me too. Since then we sext pretty regularly and exchange photos (mainly me sending). We have hooked up twice but haven?t had sex. He keeps saying he wants to though. My problems are the following:

1. He says he has a girl that he?s been talking to for a year but they are not official yet. He?s trying to get his job in order and other things so he hasn?t asked her to be his gf yet. But every time we talk he says he?ll be asking her very soon. ?When I ask him why he hasn?t asked her to be his gf yet he says ?because I need to f*ck you first?.

2. He always seems to flip the convo on me or make me feel bad. He will text me a time to hook up and when I say my parents will be home or I?m busy he says I?m lame and makes me feel guilty.

He is a textbook f*ckboy. My question is how do I flip the script on him and beat him at his own game?! I?m mad because we were really good friends before all of this started and now I feel like he doesn?t care about that. I?m just some girl to check off his list.?

If you want sex then go ahead.

If you want to irk him, don't have sex with him. His inability to score with you will drive him nuts!

You can even flirt with him and then turn him down, over and over. Get him excited, then say, "We're just friends."

He won't show it, but deep inside he will be frustrated!

(He probably bases his self-esteemself-esteem on his "performance". Praise that to build him up, denigrate to cut him down. Now you can play him like a fiddle.



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