​Should I send her family gifts on holidays? Advice please

The holiday season is here and I'm planning on sending a gift to my girlfriend in Cuba. She doesn't know anything about it so I'm quite excited for my surprise. While discussing this with a friend, he asked why I wasn't sending gifts to her family too. It made me wonder if I should send something for them. He said it's going to be really impressive and will give me a rapport to them.

My girlfriend and I have been together for two years now. They know and support our relationship which is actually really nice of them. We met at LoveMe and I've been happier since she came into my life. I once visited her in Havana and her family welcomed me with open arms. This is why I was also considering sending them holiday presents. A simple gesture of gratitude, you know.

I'm just worried, though, that if I start sending them gifts they would already expect me to send something in all occasions. Also, I don't have any idea what to get them. Sure, I can get a bottle of drink for her dad and something girly for her mom, but what about her siblings??

Another worry that I have in mind is that if giving them gifts would make me look arrogant in their eyes. Are Cubans okay with receiving gifts? I'm just being cautious since some people think that receiving gifts from a daughter's girlfriend would interpret it as a way for us to buy their daughter's affection or their own blessing. I need an advice on this.


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