I'm in love with my ex boyfriends best friend

A year and a half ago I met my ex, it was wirl wind romance and it was great. However, I joined him on a night out to meet some of his friends, one of which is the bestfriend in question. At the time he had a girlfriend just as a side note. He got very drunk that night and my bestfriend, who joined me for moral support, ended up engaging in an intimate display of affection with my boyfriends best friend. An act which ultimately ended his relationship. The strange thing was that I found myself to be jealous of my bestfriend as I found him to be quite attractive. I brushed off the thought and hoped to never spend much time in his company. However, he seemed to always be around. We went bowling, sailing, on dog walks, etc and we got on really well.?

Fast foward 9 months and me and my boyfriend decided to call it quits after he decided that his preferred cup of tea was his ex before me. Me and his best friend stayed in contact. Last summer, he invited me out for a drink. This came about after a drunk lads holiday whereby he confessed his love for me and begged me to marry him. I of course took no notice of these converastions and agreed to go for a drink. We played pool and then went to a rather lovely spot to watch the sun set over the sea while having a few beers. It was great but he showed, or so I thought, no romantic interest in me. He continually mentioned my ex, but he was charming and kind.?

We've been speaking ever since but two days ago he wandered into where I work with a very pretty and very lovely girl who I have never met or heard of before. I don't know what their relationship is and I don't dare ask. After thinking the past year and half over I have come to conclusion that I am in love with this boy who shows me no affection. I can't stop thinking about him. I see him in everything and all I want to do is talk to him and share everything with him and tell him how I feel. I would tell him how I felt if I knew he felt the same way. I am petrified of rejection.

I am praying and pleading desperately for some advice on how to approach this. It's eating me up inside. Please help.?


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