On-and-off again Boyfriend ((High School))

So in June of last year, I started talking to this guy named Carter. He was this cute, nerdy sound (like with media and worked on the musicals and stuff) guy. We talked and he was the first guy I ever fell in love with. Even on my 16th birthday that September Carter picked me up for school and gave me the sweetest things and was so sweet, then during school he ignored me and blocked me on everything the following weekend. Turns out he got scared at how real it was and cheated on me with the one person I can't stand (an ex friend who turned into a bully) and him feeling guilty blocked me rather than work things out. But because I was so in love with him, I couldn't get over him. I'd get jealous and insecure when he was around. Then the following December he messaged me and we just texted, never hung out though. (we had an awkward experience with our parents sitting next to eachother for our annual dinner fundraiser for our choirs, he was in the best choir and i am in the best all ladies) But he came back just to dangle himself in front of me before he stopped talking to me again. Then the following January he added me on snap one afternoon. That night was the first night of the school talent show and of course he was helping with sound and had to be on stage and so my heart would pound everytime I saw him on stage. Later that night, Carter messaged me to come outside and see him and as soon as I walked outside he was standing there all in his letterman jacket and it was cold so he wrapped his arms around me and we walked to his truck. We talked things out and I screamed at him and we ended up together again before he dropped me again the day before his birthday. He did this again another 2-3 times before the school year ended. Now that he's gone with college he messaged me all lonely in AZ saying he missed me, only to drop me again. Now he's back in town for another week and I just want him back. Even though he treats me like shit, he's my first love. I've dated a few guys since him. Guys that are way more attractive than him, sweeter, smarter. Everything. But they're not him. Should I message him? Wait for him to message me? Just leave it?

This is not a good idea. we all have had that reltionship which is full of drama and where we are on and off. While it may seem okay in the begining it does have the capacity to become extremely toxic. y advice is just avoid it. I know anyone who is remotely mature would give you th same advice. There are many reasons why you shuld avoid on and off reltionship. please do not waste your time on such people where you can invest the same time in something which is much meaningful.?


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