​I think my relationship with foreign girlfriend is falling out.

My job has been too demanding and I couldn't give her the time that she deserves. I've missed Skype dates and even forget to communicate with her sometimes. I feel like I'm being unfair to her. Am I?

She never complains to me about the situation but I see it in those half smiles and forced nods that she's really affected by it. How do I salvage our relationship? I want to show her that I value this relationship just as much as she does. I'm planning to visit her in person to make it up to her. I think I deserve a little vacation too. Do you think it's worth travelling?

I really need advice on how I could keep my relationship from falling out. I love her and I want to be with her. I'll do anything to save this relationship. I need all the help there is. Please give some advice to help me out.I'm currently in a situation where I'm desperate for a legit advice. My girlfriend and I have been together for two and a half years. Everything was fine between in us. We've had our ups and downs in our time together but it wasn't nothing we couldn't sort out.?

Lately, I noticed that our 'spark' is starting to dwindle down.?

I could see how hard she's trying to make things work between us. When I first met her on A Foreign Affair, I was smitten right away by her humor and good looks. We got along from the moment we started talking, but now things seemed to change.

If I were in your shoes I would just try harder. You know that she's willing to keep trying without giving up, just make a little bit more of an effort. Definitely go and visit her just to see where y'all are at. It would also help sort out both of y'all's emotions and gauge whether or not the relationship is worth pursuing.

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