How to help youngest son deal with my gf who's the same age?

They say love knows no age but I'm not so sure if that's entirely true. I have a girlfriend that I met at A Foreign Affair. We fit together well. She's smart, caring, and genuine about what she feels for me. The only worry I have is that she's at least about the same age as my youngest son. I don't know if it's still acceptable for the two of us to date.

I'm already a widower at the age of fifty-seven with two kids. My wife died ten years ago. My eldest child is now thirty years old and has a family of her own. Meanwhile, my youngest is twenty-three years old and lives in his own rental unit near the business center. I'm still working as an investment analyst, ready to retire in three years time.

My eldest daughter approves of my relationship with my foreign girlfriend but I haven't talked to my son yet. I don't know how he would react to it as my girlfriend is just about his age. Is the age gap between me and my girlfriend abroad weird? Will it be fine to introduce her to my children via video call?

I'm falling hard for her so it's really important for me that my children approve of our relationship. I value their opinion so much. I plan to visit her this summer. Should I take my youngest son so they can meet in person? I need advice on this matter. Please help me.


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