I need tips on handling arguments with my online girlfriend

This is the first time I've experienced being in a long distance relationship. I met my girlfriend online through A Foreign Affair a few months ago. We're at the stage where misunderstandings tend to happen a lot because of how things are going on between us. ?She's currently shifting between jobs which causing her to be on edge. I'm also going through some personal issues of my own. Our schedules tend to conflict, and this causes a rift in our communication. We go through arguments over conversations we misunderstood. ?I'm having difficulty keeping a level head on everything.?The distance is making our relationship a million times harder which is why I need some tips and advice on how to handle this type of situation. It's really hard settling disputes and arguments over chat and messages. ?I'm honestly not great at handling problems. My girlfriend and I both know that we love each other and really want to make this work. Any advice and tips will really help me out a lot. I don't want our relationship to end just because we couldn't deal with each other and the distance. I need help please!! ?

maybe you two should take a break. if there is already all this arguing just from being on in online relationship, imagine how it will be in person. either you two need to work together to figure out a better way to communicate and handle your personal problems when your not with each other or break it off. online/ long distance relationships are very hard, and it takes a lot of work...?
​i honestly think that unless you two plan to be together in person in the future than i wouldnt keep it going if its just going to be arguing...etc.

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