Cheated on pregnant

My issue starts 2 and a half months ago when I met a guy on a night out and we clicked instantly, he came back to mine but not for that purpose it was 5.30am and he was locked out. We chilled and spoke and since that day we where inseparable. He stayed at mine, I stayed at his, we would cook eachother dinner, see eachother all spare hours and it was the best. My mum wasn't to happy about him at first as he has a criminal background and my family haven't been in trouble like that before. After a month, I found out I was pregnant as at the beginning we were a little careless. We spoke for a long time about how we are both young, me being 19 and him 23 and how we had been together only a month but we decided, it's happened for a reason and we can do this. Now all things are great and I do feel as though I have fallen in love with him. 2 weeks ago, his Facebook was left logged in on my phone and open on his messages.. I see a few girls names and I get curious.. they were not great. They where all started with the same chat up line 'I'm sure I've seen you about, where are you from' the girls didn't really seem interested so there wasn't much conversation bar 1 where she said she had a boyfriend and he said that's okay he doesn't have to know, look forward to seeing you and al this. I confronted him straight away and he said it was due to the argument we had that day which I can remember what was about and how he was sorry and he's over it, he would not go through with it anyway. I forgot about the whole thing, moved on, fresh start. On Thursday he told me he loved me for the first time and I said it back. Now Friday, he told me he's going to his friends he hasn't seen in a while and asked if I would drop him off and that was okay. I brought him clean cloths, toothbrush and his hair gel he loooed all ready to go?out with his friend. I left him and realised I forgot to leave him my number notes down as his phone is still broke, so I messaged the friend he was with to pas it my number on and he told me he was not with him and hadn't seen him for ages. Now I'm worried. I distract myself with Xmas shopping and I'm looking on my history for a website I was in the other day and all the history is with Facebook messages with a woman's name. I search for this woman and recognise, she is a boy I went to school with mum. She is about 37 and has 10 kids. I th realise she lives where I dropped him off. So I message my boyfriend on his Facebook as I have no other way to contact him
anoit what the hell is happening and why are you lying to me. 12 hours pass and no response?
. I send him another message saying how I can't be with someone who lies to me and has slipped up 2 times in 2 weeks with chatting to women and that I will drop his things of to his mums as he has basically been living with me. I drop his things off etc, and he has still not tried to contact me, hasn't been online or anything. I message the woman to pass a message on to him, she reads it, no reply. Another night passes and nothing. Today around 3/4 his dad calls me asking where something is and can I meet my ex to give him some money that is in my account. I can hear him in the background shouting and all
sorts, so I agree I will get his money out and meet him at the shop. The woman then reply's saying I'm not with him atm but when I see him I will pass the message on. I see him at shop and hand him the money, he does not look at me and does not say a word, takes the cash and walks off. At this point I am angry and I message the woman and she explains he was just been round chilling, she has a boyfriend and knows he has a girlfriend. I explain the things that don't make sense and she agrees with me it's weird as there is nothing to lie about and says she is ok my side and will message him
to find out why he's been lying. I am not sure whether to believe this woman but I thank her and go home. ?I can see he has now been on Facebook and has still not responded or read my messages. I have now deleted him and blocked him as he got his friend to call me and tell me to stay out of his business.?
I have done nothing but love and care about this guy, I lend him money, I buy his shopping, I let him live with me, I cook him dinners for work, everything I can do he's happy. My heart is absolutely broken after only nearly 3 months and I'm now so stuck and confused on what I do. I can not wait to raise my baby but how can I communicate with someone who asks his girlfriend to dro him off at the house he is lying about and won't even speak to me to explain???

If to be honest, your boyfriend is not very good guy! I bet that it is better to be alone than to be with him...
Here is interesting article about it!


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