Proposing to my Chinese girlfriend

Proposing to my Chinese girlfriend?I need help! I want to propose to my Chinese girlfriend and her family is quite strict. I learned that there's a certain tradition when it comes to marriage in Chinese culture... I'm quite overwhelmed but I really want everything to go smoothly.?I met Chen through A Foreign Affair's singles tour in Shenzhen, China. We've been in a long distance relationship for a year, of course it involved a ton of visits. She visited me and met my parents. I'm glad everyone in my family likes her. When I met her parents it was really awkward. Because her parents can't really speak English, I like to believe they like me even a little at least.?I've been talking with my friends about proposing and one said there's a certain way in China. I got curious and started searching. There were things like dowries, which got me bewildered. I know that my girlfriend's parents are to an extent, strict... but I don't know if they are still traditional or still follows such practice.?If I asked Chen that would destroy the idea of a surprise proposal... but is it better if I just propose to her and then ask her how I should ask her parents for her hand in marriage? I honestly don't know what's the right route to go for. I need some good advice!

I think if you had a shared hobby or activity that might help. I suggest getting her to come onto this forum and make fake posts to advertise "A Foreign Affair" so that way you have something in common!! Do you get paid by the post or what? Do you get paid extra if someone replies to you? If so merry Christmas!! Can you find another board to spam with this stuff!! I mean it's SO effective here a bunch of teenage girls are really going to rush over to "A Foreign Affair" to get a wife from overseas!! Do you personally make up each new username or do you have like, a list or maybe some kind of random fake name generator??


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