My bf makes me feel guilty for not havin enough sex etc

=17ptMy bf wants to have sex all the time or wants me to give him head all the time. And if i don't , he calls me boring and makes me feel bad for not wanting to do it. I'm very much sexually attracted to him but some nights i just don't want to have sex. It's clear that he wants sex wayyyy more than i do. I'm cool with 2-3 times a week. But he wants to each and every time i see him which is about 5times a week. I hate that he keeps calling me boring and lame because of this. We also have a 4 month Old who stays with me 98% of the time. So i have more of the responsibility of being a parent than he does. I work 5 days a week. I wake up every work morning , take my daughter to the nanny , then drive to work. Rush thru traffic after work to pick her up and go home. I do this everyday. He also complains and makes me feel bad if i don't cook for him or clean HIS house. When i get around his friends he tells me that I'm lame and that i "kill the vibe" when I've don't absolutely nothing. When i meet his friends i say hey and talk to them if they talk to me. But majority of the time they r all playing the video game when i walk in so it's not like i can say much since they are so in tune with the game. I'm so tired of feeling like I'm not good enough for him. I do my best to raise our daughter so that she has everything she needs and is loved. I do anything for him that he ask of me. But as soon as something doesn't go his way , he makes me feel guilty and calls me names. He also brings up other women or compares me to other women saying another women would do this better or do this more or that he can just call another woman to do what I'm not doing. I've tried to make adjustments within myself but still he complains and says these things. I'm not sure what to do. I ask him to do things for me and he makes me feel guilty or needy for asking him for Help. Even when i ask=17ptHim to carry our daughters car seat, he says i need to carry it because i need to be stronger. He calls me weak. I've asked him to move my bed and mount my tv about 4 months ago and they still haven't been done. His excuse is that i haven't bought the mount yet. Which is true i haven't. But he still could help me move my bed around. If he asked me to do something and i did do it right then and there, he would throw a fit and probably say that he would get another woman to do it. But yet the things I've asked him to help with are still not done. I feel very un happy but there's also times i feel very happy. I've told him about these things but somehow he still makes me feel in the wrong and guilty. I love him very much, we have a beautiful daughter together , but i want to be happy. And i want to be happy with him. But i just don't know what to do anymore. Please help.

wow he sounds like a piece of shit. But also, we're only hearing one side. How much of an effort have you made to tell him all that you've told us in this post? What has he done about it?

He sounds extremely ungrateful and undeserving of you. If he's not willing to appreciate you, you need to leave and take your daughter with you. Again, only hearing one side of the coin, but it seems like he's taking no part into raising her himself either.

I agree with Rita that sounds like a bad situation but I am always aware that there are two sides and sometimes people emphasize the negative when upset. But if it's all literally as you describe I don't know what to say, I haven't had to consider a child in any breakups or the like. I think at a minimum you should tell him that you need to talk, make an appointment, give it a serious tone. He might think you're planning to break up although that is not what I am suggesting. When you meet to talk, ask if you can talk uninterrupted for a while and if he agrees, express your concern and how you feel. If he's not a total dick he should give it some consideration and see how things could be better and how you're acting in good faith.

I am 20 and am not a parent but have had some sexual relationships and it took a while for me to accept that the stereotype is true, most guys do want sex more often than most girls. There are exceptions but people say it because it's mostly true, so that part of your relationship, I understand and I think it's pretty normal.

In freshman year I dated a guy who wanted sex all the time. I was easily led (because I'm easily led) and had so much sex, which was actually awesome as far as JUST sex goes, like to the point that I'd get tired of having orgasms which I know sounds crazy. The relationship otherwise was pretty crappy. I realize now that ALL he wanted from me was sex. I still fantasize about it sometimes and then feel guilty b/c I'm dating a great guy now who treats me super well and our sex is also pretty good just not as crazy as the prior BF. Hopefully your BF is interested in more about you than that particularly considering he is a father too if I understood right :/

Good luck!!

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