I still like my ex boyfriend but there's another girl and idk what to do

So a while ago me and my boyfriend broke up in a stupid and silly fight... We never talked for two days and officially " took a break" over text. I dont feel like we really ever broke up.Now I'm in school and I hear he is now pre-dating this girl im grade 10 he is in grade 12, but last weekend he started talking to me again and we were talking a lot. Idk what to do she posted him on her snapchat story at a restaurant with a heart I felt like I got a punch to the gut and tears came to my eyes. I dont know what to do now.

it sounds like he's moved on. But, considering the fact you two talked last weekend, you may be granting him to be in a position where he can have his cake and eat it too (meaning, he's involved with you, and this other girl.) The simple fact is, you two aren't dating anymore, and he's definitely treating it as such. You should do the same.


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