I am a 14-year-old girl and I have a crush on my young and attractive high school teacher.

How can I know if he likes me as well?

The only good answer IMO is, don't even try, there's a lot of potential to mess up your life and his life, if there's even a rumor or a thought that he's interested in his students let alone if anything else happens. But since this board is here to ask honest questions and get honest answers. When I was a sophomore I kind of thought a teacher liked me and I kind of liked him so as like, half joke half serious I'd flirt with him or deliberately brush against him or get in poses that I thought would be arousing like bend over in front of him and I did see a boner twice and he seemed flustered a few times. But I wish I hadn't done that, luckily nothing else happened and it didn't create any problems but it very easily could have. It's not worth it seriously!!

Agreed with Shelly - there is no good outcome, even if he does think you're attractive or has a crush in return.

It's tempting at your age when there's an older guy who you find attractive - but he is your teacher, and over 21 at least. Nothing can or will happen and you're in very very very very different life places!


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