I?m physically disabled and don?t know how to tell this to my girlfriend abroad who wants to meet up

I'm way past my prime and having a hard time in finding someone. The main problem is not because I'm some sort of awkward introvert but more of the fact that I am disabled. ?Because of this, I can't seem to find someone who would want to stay with me. Finding romance in person has obviously failed me so I've tried different ways to find a girl, including online dating. This is where I found a woman who I can actually say might be the one from a dating site called loveme.?We've been talking for about a couple of months now and she's been telling me that she wants to meet. She's from Ukraine and I'm from Washington. She's planning on coming here to the United States for a vacation, and really wants to see me. ?I haven't really told her about my disability because I could never find the way to open it up. I really like this woman, and I'm not the kind of guy who can easily attract someone. I'm honestly afraid at the thought of losing her, and my disability might be the reason.?She's going to book a plane ticket soon and I'm torn. It'll be a waste of time and money, but seeing her in person would mean the world to me. I just don't know how to bring this up with her because I don't want to hassle her life with having me around. ?Every day I grow fonder of my girlfriend, and would do anything for her but just imagining her reaction is starting to scare me more every day. I really need some help with how to open this up with her and how I can deal with things if she ever rejects me. HELP!!!

Contact Dr. DUGO on E-mail: dugo_d@yahoocom, he has the spiritual charm to make her never leave you even when she will get to know your physical charlenges. Trust me


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