How do I tell my girl?s parents she?s pregnant when they live across the ocean?

I?ve been in a relationship with a woman from the Philippines for 3 years now. We met online through a website called A Foreign Affair which was recommended to me through colleagues. I?m pretty bad at social interaction, which made it pretty hard for me to find someone. I didn?t have anything to lose, and gave it a shot.?So, I met this fantastic woman through the site and fell in love. We realized we were meant for each other after a few months, and decided to see each other in person. Since I?m from South Florida and she?s from Manila, the difference in our time zones was quite a challenge. I have a pension and a good amount of savings which makes me confident in travelling to see her. We set a date and I booked a ticket straight to the Philippines to see her for the first time.?Once I arrived, a lot of things happened, and our love grew even more. When I went back home after a week in Manila, we went back to our usual routine. After a couple of months, we both started to notice stuff like mood swings, cravings, and so on. We had our suspicions, so she went out to get herself tested. It turned out to be positive.?Now, during my stay in Manila, I hadn?t met her parents since my partner is working in the city and her parents are living in the country. We?re both really thrilled about the news but now I have to face the task of figuring out how to break the news to my future in-laws. I don?t know how to tell them that I plan on proposing to their daughter and raise a child together. I have a lot of things planned but I?m incredibly nervous. Any suggestions? Advice? I would gladly take anything you guys tell me. ???


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