She won't accept her sexuality. Please help!

=17ptHello, so I have a problem. I have know I was a lesbian since I was 13, and am now 19. I met this super gorgeous (like drop-dead) and perfect girl who I really like. We hang out a lot and talk. She didn't date guys so I know that must have meant she likes girls, and because she hanged out with me so much, she must like ME. I am positive she is a lesbian, so I told her how I really liked her and wanted to date, but she told me no. I kept perusing and she told me to stop, she wasn't going to date me because she is not a lesbian. WHAT? Why can't she see she is a lesbian!? It is hurting me that she will not admit it, so I decided to fix it. I kissed her, and she pushed me AWAY! What is wrong with her, I can see in her eyes that she liked it. Later I told she was sexy and kissed her again, and she pushed me away, AGAIN! Then LEFT! It gets worse, I later saw her in a super hot outfit with a guy, who kissed her on the cheek, and she left with, probably to his place.She told me she doesn't date! I confronted her, and she asked me to stay away. How do I get her to date me and accept the FACT that she is gay!? She is lying to herself. Any responses helps??

Your assumptions couldn't be any further from the truth. Just because she doesn't date guys, that doesn't auotmatically means she likes girls. Perhaps she's not ready for dating at that moment, or she just hasn't found anyone she's interested in yet.Even if she did like girls (hypothetically speaking) that doesn't necessarily means she likes you in that way. Point is, she hasn't made her dating life or sexuality any of your business since the beginning, because frankly, it isn't any of your business. If she, down the line, realizes that she in fact does like women then great. But that's up to her to figure that out for herself, not you. Her sexuality is not your, or anyone else's, decision.

If you want to discuss facts, then let's. You came onto her, she said no, fine. But then you decided to take matters into your own hands and force yourself on her, twice because apparently the first time didn't convince you. This should go without saying, kissing someone without their consent, especially after they rejected it the first time, is a very easy way to make someone not like you. Then after she displayed that she isn't interested in you, you get mad at her for possibly being interested in someone else; display of possession.

And despite all this, you're still convinced that you have done nothing wrong and that she's "lying to herself." You know what that sounds like? It sounds like a classic "nice guy." You know, those guys that are friends with a girl they like that feel like they're entitled to date/have sex with/or whatever else with her, just because he treats her like any normal human being should be treated, then once they do get rejected, instead of respecting her wishes and accepting the rejection, they become possessive creeps.To me, this sounds like you. Imagine if a guy friend of yours, or just any guy you interact with, did the same exact thing to you, trying to convince you that you're actually straight. You wouldn't like that at all, would you? You probably wouldn't talk to him again after that, and go out of your way to avoid him at all costs.

You honestly crossed a lot of lines with your actions, dare I say you might have lost a friend. You need to apologize to her, and you need to cut your losses with this one. I hope you learn a big lesson from all of this.

I don't think that is true, and still believe she is gay. And I think she LIKED my kiss. But if she is not ready to date, why was she with that guy, and let HIM kiss her!?

Is this post for serious?? It seems like maybe it's a prank or something?? Assuming it is serious, I would believe what she says, none of the actions or signs you mentioned indicate what she said isn't true, in fact it sounds super super obvious that it is true. And even on the off chance that she decides one day to date girls, it's obviously not something she wants to do for now. I'm sorry but that's my opinion. Good luck!!

Honestly, EVERYTHING you're saying is an ASSUMPTION. You can't claim to know someone JUST because you THINK you know them. Same thing applies here. Just because you are a lesbian does NOT mean you can spot ALL lesbians. Clearly, your friend is not interested in you like that. I have never had a boyfriend and don't go out on dates much, but does that mean I'm a lesbian? NOPE. I'm 110% straight.?

Also, if she reacted negatively to your kiss then chances are that she didn't like it. I'm sorry but there are more "fish in the sea". She isn't the only one. Stop? bothering her and go find someone who will love and care for you for you. Like Shelly said, good luck!

None of this explains why she was with that guy. I think she's trying to make me jealous. I don't think I am assuming, and am pretty convinced she is a lesbian.?

I don't think that is true, and still believe she is gay. And I think she LIKED my kiss. But if she is not ready to date, why was she with that guy, and let HIM kiss her!?

You can THINK all you want, bottom line is she's not interested in you. If she liked the kiss, why would she push you away? Why did she let the guy kiss her? Oh idk, maybe because she actually LIKES him, and does not like you the same way. Oh, and did I mention that?she can date and like whoever she wants, whenever she wants, and?her dating life is none of your business??


Umm... It actually does explain why she was with the guy... You want to know?why?she was with the guy? It's because she was interested in him! You definitely are assuming. Do you know why you are assuming? It's because you don't know for sure that she is a lesbian, so anytime you are unsure about something that pertains to someone then you are assuming something about that person. Get it? I don't mean to sound rude, but my advice is just to get over her and move on because it is?definitely clear that this girl is?not?interested in you!

Even if she is not interested in me, I don't understand how she could be interested in him! And he is not good for her. When I saw them together, she was wearing makeup for the first time, and I have known her for MONTHS! And her personality seemed different. She is normally very concealed and guarded. Why was she so happy!? It is so out of character, why is she pretending!? I think she ENJOYED me kissing her. Any other advice to get her to talk to me again? Appreciate the help?

I still think this might be some kind of joke?? But if not. You need to listen to her, Rira, Venus basically anybody, and realize it's not happening and you need to move on. I mean ok one theory is that what she told you is the truth, and the reason she is with a guy is that SHE LIKES GUYS, and the reason she is wearing makeup is that she is ON A DATE WITH A GUY and the reason she told you to stop pursuing her is that SHE LIKES GUYS and the reason she pushed you away is that SHE LIKES GUYS.

Or alternately she's super into you but is lying and is going on a date and trying to look pretty on her date in an elaborate plan to make you jealous so you'll do more of what she told you to stop doing??? Listen to, well anybody this isn't happening!!

Thanks for the feedback. I am 100% sure she is gay. But only HYPOTHEITCALLY, if she did like guys, why would she want to be with someone like that?! He CHANGED her look, personality, and attitude. I HAVE NEVER SEEN HER ACT OR LOOK LIKE THAT! Why would she be with someone who changes her. This guy seems like a horrible person, she could do better than him! (If HYPOTHEITCALLY she was straight).?

Take yourself out of the equation and think it through. She is 19, attractive, doesn't date much, she meets a guy, for whatever reason she likes him, she goes out with him, she tries to look pretty for the date (maybe meeting his friends or for whatever reason just wants to look good) so she dresses up more than usual. Does this sound weird, unusual or surprising?? To me it sounds super normal. As for why that particular guy. Well you haven't said anything specific about him, is he super ugly or notorious for being a jerk or what? Either way it happens, maybe she just likes being with him? And that is not to say she always will, maybe they'll break up tomorrow or next year but maybe they won't, either way, if she wanted to be with you she'd be with you. I am not trying to be mean but most times when somebody flat out tells you something, it's either the truth or a white lie to save a tougher explanation, it is very rarely the exact opposite of the truth due to some elaborate 50 step plan.

He's not ugly, but he seems like he only wants to date her so he can have a gorgeous girl, whereas I genually like her! I told her this, and she told me not to worry, and said to leave her alone!???

It sounds like the only reason you don't like him is because your friend does. "Why can't she do these things for me? What does he have that I don't?" are the questions you really want to ask.

No one is surprised she wants you to leave her alone. you over-stepped a lot of boundaries!

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