how do i get a girlfriend

hi im 16 and shy in real life i never had a girlfriend how can i get one?

So I guess this board is now "ask a girl" why not!! Nobody is posting much else so why not!!

Well there are a million ways but the simplest way would be to ask girls out. That sounds like a joke but it's not, a lot of guys develop all these elaborate plans but put yourself in our shoes, the fact is we do get asked out, so we're going to ignore those guys and risk embarrasing ourselves by approaching some dude who we see sneaking glances but who won't come up and talk to us? If you are too shy to ask a girl out right now, step 1 is approach a girl and start talking. For example if you both just took a test, talk about that, or if your school is trying to win a soccer championship talk about that, whatever topic it barely matters as long as it's not weird (and sometimes weird is probably ok too). If you walk up to a girl and talk to her you will have an idea whether she's glad you did or annoyed. Neither really proves she does or doesn't want to go out with you but it's a sign that might give some idea. If she smiles and seems happy you approached her, compliment something about her appearance, nothing dirty, like she has beautiful eyes (nothing that could be taken sexually). If she likes that, most likely she would go out with you depending on the details and whether she's already dating somebody. Which btw, if possible you should find out if she's dating somebody and if it's serious before you do this. But if not sure, you can kind of ask without asking, by asking what she's up to or if she's going to some school event with anybody.

It can be more complicated in some situations what I am describing is what I'd call the common, typical way it happens but of course everybody's different. But one thing I can almost guarantee you is that if you don't walk up and start talking you definitely will not go out with her. And getting rejected won't hurt your rep as long as you don't do anything mean or weird.

Well good luck let us know how it goes!!

Wow thank you Shelly! i wasnt expecting a reply but thank you, its just i get so nervous and shy because of things and im worried girls wont like me


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