I?m feeling confused and overwhelmed!

I've been talking to this guy since mid-August and we finally met up. He lives a few states away but flew down to spend the weekend with me. We had fun, although it was awkward at times and there was some silence but I think that's normal when you meet someone new right??
We had, what I would call, passionate sex 3 times during is 5 night stay. There's no denying something was felt there, but again, he lives so far away.?
He went home today and for the entire day I've felt weird? I don't know how I feel, how I should feel, how he feels, or what's going to happen? And that scares me.
I'm filled with doubt that he likes me? Do I like him or the idea of him? It's just so confusing. Part of me is just saying I don't like him so if he doesn't like me i won't get hurt.
Before he came down he said I should come up to where he lives for a week and who knows if that will happen now??
I don't know if it was just an awkward parting at the airport but when I dropped him off, he thanked me for everything and said "well I might see ya when I'm back here" and gave me a hug. Do you think that was just an awkward-don't-know-what-to-say goodbye?
He messaged me to say he arrived home safely and was going to make some food and figure out what to do for the rest of the day, but he has stopped replying.

You said he just left today, right? And just got back home?
I think you should give yourself a couple days to process everything that happened during his stay. It should also give you a better idea on how you want to go about it. He probably needs the same thing too, as well as some rest from his travels

You're right, it's just really hard just not knowing what he's thinking. I should take the time to think myself rather than stress over it.

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