My gf?s dad is the same age as me. Awkward but need advice

I'm in a relatively new relationship. She's younger than me by 2 decades and we're currently in that stage where we introduce one another to our families. I have 2 cool kids who are okay with my gf who is only a little bit older than them. They're very supportive and it's great. We've only been skyping,My kids have met her through video chat and they're excited to meet when I bring my gf over (she's from another country).The shock came when I learned that my gf's father is the same age as meHe is a local cop in her town. I know it's hypocritical, but I'm a little bit weirded out and find it awkward that I'm going to meet her father soon.I am a twice divorced male in my 50's and I'm nearing retirement. I didn't want to be alone for the rest of my life. I want someone by my side. That's why I gave online dating a shot. I'm not very savvy when it comes to the internet. I literally just Googled what I wanted, and AFA's website was first.I met my girlfriend there. She was one of the few women I have messaged and was the most responsive of all. We were both tired of having our dating options limited to the local men and women. I don't think I'm asking for much. I'm only asking for companionship, love, and someone to be there to share vacations and the like.My girlfriend also said that the local men she has dated and her previous husband were no good. They're alcoholic and abusive which led to her divorce. She has a beautiful daughter and I've taken a liking to both of them. I want to have them over here in the US so we can be one happy family.Am I overreacting? As far as I know, she's very independent and treats me meeting her father as a formality. I'm terrified of the thought of her dad putting our plans to a stop because he won't like me or think of me creepy. Please help me. Any advice you can give?

Well first let me say that I notice a ton of people on this board talking about mail order Russian brides and I think there's some kind of scam involved, like maybe it's not people as they represent themselves, maybe they are just here for people to PM them to pay for mail order bride services or sign up to be a bride. Or idk something seems weird about it.

But giving benefit of the doubt. There is STILL an issue in that this board is supposed to be for us to talk to each other not "ask a girl" or in the long run, "hey baby yo baby" like everywhere else on the internet.

But OK since nobody is posting anything else here anyway why not answer! It's a weird situation for sure but, I mean she signed up for it right? Her dad must understand. I can see how it would be awkward but, if you want it to last, it would help a lot if the dad at least doesn't want to kill you lol.

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