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Hey, I am a seventeen year old from Toronto. I am an average student. I have a huge crush on my professor. I started studying in order to impress him. Now I am the most studious one in my class. He likes poutine a lot and I started liking it. I don't know if he has got a girlfriend. I am madly in love with him. When I talk to him, my heart beats faster and I blush heavily.Last day, I had a test paper and got low marks for it. But, I wrote everything as per my notes. I asked him about it. He checked my notes and found that a lot of important points are missing. He scolded me for not listening to the class. I felt bad and cried the whole night. Next day I went to class and I realized that I have some problem with my hearing ability. I need to get back my hearing ability. One of my friends suggested me to consult an audiologist and get a CIC hearing aid. I need to hide it from him and found that CIC is not visibly seen. Suggest me some other hearing aids too. Also, please share your experiences with it. Thanks!

I dont have any experience with the CIC, but i do need to tell you something you need to move on from him, he is already taken and its actually illegal for you and him to have any romantic relationship, as i read he only sees you as a bright student but it not going to go pass that?

Contact Dr. DUGO on E-mail: dugo_d@yahoocom, he has the spiritual charm to make everything right back for you and will also get you a spiritual liquid that will clearn your ear. Trust me


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