What?s wrong with me!

Okay something seriously wrong with me, I have this guy friend that we just hit it off from the very beginning and he also the one that taught that I can love another, he literally means the world to me. I always thought he my twin and my feelings never really been conflicted towards him I never even saw him as a man but as a kid, than recently I been weird, I'm willing to do things for him I never thought or think about before not even towards my ex boyfriends. Than one our common friends he sure that me and my twin will end up being together, it makes curious how is it going to be but very sick to my stomach at the thinking anything more than just our strict friendship relationship plus I'm sure that I like my boyfriend I care deeply for him and do want a future with him. Can someone please help me maybe I feel that way because he will join me when I really miss my boyfriend since they are childhood friends, it's just that right that I'm becoming more fonder of him?

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Can he help with confusing or see insights how it would in future for me and guy friend? Me and my boyfriend broke up because were distancing from each other


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