how to get closer to my crush ?


Senior and freshman can be a big gap in high school just as far as socially. First of all do you know if he's single? You could really step in it if all the seniors know he's dating a popular girl!! Do you have any mutual friends like, your friend's big sister is friends with his big sister (or something)? Ideally you would first of all know whether or not he's single, second, get a friend to mention you to him in a flattering way and or tell him that you were asking about him, something like that.

But if you don't have any mutual friends, I think you're going to need to stalk him lol. I don't really mean stalk I just mean, you will need to "just happen to be around" a lot and try to catch his eye and smile at him, and if there's an opportunity, maybe ask him a question about a class or a teacher or his opinion about colleges or whatever, and see where it goes from there! Good luck!

I think becoming friends with the dude is through with mututal friends, just when you see him at school just start with a smile and wave



No dont tell him that you like him!!!!?
​When your trying to talk to your crush, you dont go in to ask him questions! Thats actually kinda weird. Do you do that when your making friends with other people??
​Treat him on trying to make friends with him on how you make friends with other people not as a crush.?

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It's good that you know he's single. I wouldn't rely on your best friend's big brother. He is more likely to make fun of you than help you JMO

I wouldn't just say "I like you do you like me" personally. It might work but it's risky. Socially it would be very easy for him to talk about you in a not very nice way and get other people looking at you in a way that might stick. I would say, if he liked you too you'd probably know by now. So I hate to say it but my advice would be to consider if there are any other guys you might want to talk to and try that instead to take your mind off this guy. I could be wrong!! And if I'm right I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news but that's my opinion good luck!!



Move on with first becoming a friend.

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