Pet name?

I've been talking to this guy for quite a few months now and he's actually flying down to see me in about 3 weeks.
Long story short, he has started calling me chook. What does that even mean? I've never heard someone call someone else chook. I know it probably doesn't mean anything but has anyone heard this before??

When I google the word chook it comes up as another name for a chicken, in Australia...

but hey, he may have no idea about that! Why not ask him? There's not harm in a little "how'd ya come up with the name chook?" no bad intentions from that question!:)

It would drive me nuts not to know what he meant by chook. You should ask him. Pet names can be very random and I've had some embarrassing ones as I'm sure we all have!!

I think it might just be a friendly thing? My friend said her husband says it to her sometimes. It looks like he may have called his ex the same thing after looking at some old photos... as you do?

Well I'm sure he means it as a friendly or affectionate thing I would still want to know what the word actually means in case he ever calls you that in front of somebody who knows the meaning :)

I am "Squishy" and it's meant as a friendly or affectionate thing!! I asked why, he said "because you are squishy" (I am not overweight), so, it can be kind of embarrassing however they mean it. That said, "chook" just sounds like a cute random word to me (I am American).


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