Issues with female nudity in movies

I have an issue when excessive female nudity in movies that are placed only to pleasure men. An occasional breast doesn't bother me if it adds to the story.?

My problem is that movies show the "privates" of a women. No story needs that. I recently watched a movie with my husband and it showed a very attractive, fit nude women, smiling seductively clearly trying to arouse men. It soomed to her "bottoms" showed trimmed hair and almost lips.?

The scene was pointless and unexpected. It is immoral to film this trash and showed it to kids and men.?
I feel bad for the girls who are paid to be broadcast to kids and men everywere. ?This content should not be shown in family entertainment where viewers did not sign up to see that.
My issue is that is disrespectful of women to show exposed women purley to shock the audience. ?While some scenes are acceptable, most are not.

Thoughts? Experiences with this with bf or husband?

I haven't watched such things with anyone like a husband (I'm 13) but I figure it should have a rating to let people know what they're in for. Gratuitous nudity isn't anything new. If anything it's gotten trimmed down since the '70s and '80s. I've seen some movies from back then that were absolutely ridiculous! Movies makers are going to film anything that they think will sell tickets, which means nudity of both men and women. It gets out of hand in the wrong kinds of movies and that's unfortunate. The actors and actresses can really only blame themselves if they sell out their bodies and self respect for the big money, and sadly many go that way.

I have a BF but am not married. I thought I had a clear answer in my head but when I try to write it out it gets complicated. But I will try! I don't ever mind tasteful female nudity that serves a purpose in the story or at least doesn't get in the way of the story. As for anything more actually sexual or that seems pointless or kind of like porn, I can live with that when watching with my BF (I might feel different if he starts rewatching those scenes over and over or if I think he is too into them) but would be embarrassed to see a scene like that with my family and I wish they'd leave them out of more movies and shows because in many cases teenagers could enjoy them but aren't allowed to see them because of something like that. I think female nudity is more normal and acceptable than male nudity at least full frontal male nudity, which is always awkward to see IMO.

I feel similar about swear words, I am not exactly offended but it can be awkward watching with parents and I don't think it always serves a purpose so I wish they'd think twice before they put it in.

And a whole other topic, I've been thinking about posting it here for a while, is I am not really comfortable with the trend of showing women and men fighting, the way it's presented makes it look like a fair fight and it is not. I am worried there will be more abused women because people will see men and women fighting on TV shows just like two men fighting and will think it's normal or OK. That isn't their intention, I think they are trying to have empowered women, but I think that mght be an effect and I wish they'd be more thoughtful about that also.


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