HELP things escalated real quick (0 to 100 in 1 second) | Old high school sort of boyfriend?

Hey everyone,?

Life Update:
For the last few months, my boyfriend and I have had a tough relationship and so 2 weeks ago we both agreed it was time to call it quits because it just wasn't working. We are still friends and we still talk and he even tells me about this new girl he is interested in (which is fine with me).

Anyways, in regards to the subject of this topic; just yesterday an old friend of mine from high school dm'd me on instagram and just a bit of background info, this boy and I weren't dating in school. Although, we definitely had a thing for one another but we were both too shy to do anything about it. We were very very close and people would think we were together when we weren't. So going back to the story, he messaged me and was telling me about how much he liked me in school and that he missed his opportunity and stuff like that. It was nice to hear him tell me that because in school I wanted him to make a move but like I said we were both really shy when it came to our feelings for one another.?

Things escalated really quick (like 0 to 100 in 1 second) last night, he was telling me about what he wanted to do to me and basically he just wanted me and my body. I am not the person I was in school. It has been three years since I have even seen or spoken to him and now that he has started messaging me, it brought back memories of our relationship in school and I do miss that. However, because times have changed, I don't see him in the way he sees me and I told him that last night. It got to a point where he didn't care about the fact that I wasn't interested and he started sending me photos/videos of his ding dong through snapchat. As soon as he did that I told him Please don't send me stuff like that and I went to bed.

This morning I woke up with several messages and a miss call on Snapchat because he thought I hated him and I told him I didn't but what can I tell him to make him realise that I am not interested anymore? I do miss what we had but like I said times have changed and so have I.


then, just tell him that you aren't that into him the same way you were in high school anymore. Aand, while you're flattered, let him know that you thought you made that clear to him the previous night

Sis, block him. He sent you those pictures after you already told him you weren't interested? He doesn't respect boundaries and honestly, that's a red flag.


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