He only wanted to hook up

So a couple of weeks ago the guy that I liked told me he liked me too. I was so happy. Last friday night he invited me down to his dorm room to watch a movie. Everything was fine until after the movie. He told me that he liked me, but that he doesn't want a relationship, he just wants to be "friends with benefits". It shattered my heart. I feel so worthless and depressed. He hasn't even reached out to see if I am ok. I don't know the best way to go about getting over heartbreak. Any advice??

I'm sorry that happened!! I think the best way to get over him would be to get interested in somebody or something else. I don't think there's any hope right now for you with him. Maybe things could change but for now I wouldn't try again. I think what is going on is that he knows you like him so he figured he could get lucky nothing more. A lot of guys are like that but you will find someone who deserves you!!

I think you should ignore him for four weeks, not a day less, and then hit him up again in just ?a friendly way. Ask him if he wants to hang out. When you hang out with him, DON'T sleep with him. Tell him you want to really bad, just can't yet. Keep doing that, hang out with him for a date, say you can't sleep with him yet, then go away for like a couple weeks, and repeat. Keep doing this until he gives YOU what YOU want. Never yell at him or cry at him that he hasn't mcommitted himself to you. Just hang, flirt, disappear and repeat.?
Remember, DON'T SLEEP WITH HIM!!!!


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