Diamond engagement rings for proposing my love.

Hi all,

On the last Friday, my colleagues Neil and Deleena got married in their church. Our Lady of Victory was granted. We all witnessed as the couple committed themselves to one another and celebrated their love.

On the last new year's Eve 2016, Neil took Deleena out for a romantic dinner where he proposed with a beautiful engagement ring (her favorite color is red). They were making plans to get married soon. But, when a series tragic events happened. Neil got his spine fractured in a car accident and was bedridden for 4 months.

However, everything is calm now. God had showered his grace on them finally. At the end of the story, they were united with the power of love.

And now coming to me, I have a secret passion for a guy for 7 years. He was my college mate. He joined my company last week. I came to know that he is single now too. And I think, it's the perfect time to move with a proposal. We shouldn't delay such stuff, right? Once lost, we will regret the delay.

I was in search to find the best diamonds in Vancouver. I talked with Neil and he told that he bought the ring for Deleena from a diamond engagement rings provider in Vancouver. I know he won't compromise on quality as it was for Deleena. He has a good opinion of them. I would also like to know your experiences with them as well. Why, because I want my proposal to be flawless.

Any comments or suggestions will be always welcome. Thanks in advance.

I'm not sure if you're serious or joking but if you're serious, DONT PROPOSE! You've had a crush? on him? for 7 years? but you've never dated? He has no reason to want to marry you! Start by asking him on a date and see where that leads.


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